gallo 3.1 repair

Long story, but I fried the upper mid left channel on my pair of gallo 3,1's. Any idea where I can get a replacement? I would guess it should not be too hard to repair? thanks for any help>

PS. I can post a follow up as to how this happened, but suffice it to say stupid error and clipping from A Valve Audio Predator are to blame...
Shadorne; My experience exactly, they just do not handle the dynamics of symphonic music well...wish I had known.
I will probably get them fixed and get some speakers that can handle it. Wondering about Odyssey Lorelei's, any thoughts?
There is already a thread going regarding speakers for classical music that you might want to check out. The interesting thing about classical recordings is the volume levels between discs can be huge, as much as 10-15 db. Just curious as to what happened on the Gallo's. There has to be more to the story then just dynamics.
I have not heard that the 3.1's have issues with classical music. I love my 3.1's and have not noticed any flaws in them.

That being said best bet is to always contact the vendor and see what they can do for you.
I am currently upgrading my old system, and am trying different integrated and pre/amp combos. Had the Gallo's hooked up to a Valve Audio Predator ( 200 WPC into 8 ohm ). I forgot to turn the volume down between CD and Phono, the protection circuitry in the Predator didn't kick in, and I couldn't get to it fast enough and fried mid seems to be the result. I had also had them on an Odyssey Stratos, and this seems a much better match, but I had to send the Stratos in due to some shipping damage when I bought it used, so I had hooked up the Predator to have music while I wait.
Now it will come down to which pre to use with the Stratos, I have an Odyssey candela and also an innersound, very different sounds so I need to really listen for a while and decide wich one I like better. I may also audition some different speakers, though I had listened to several before buying the Gallo's. I like them, but they have their issues...
I've not had a problem with my Gallos and listening at high listening levels. I did blow three mid-drivers when I was hosting a party and we were, ahem, performing karaoke over them. My wife still laughs at the thought of seeing smoke puff from the dust caps mid-peformance. I returned them to Gallo, which confirmed that they were really fried. We were not singing at high levels.

I do not listen to classical music, but do listen to a lot of acoustic jazz, and I've never had a problem with dynamics and well recorded jazz.

My conclusion: The Gallos can absorb power, but that should be relatively clean power. I suspect the cheap microphones we used are distortion magnets, and the Gallos do not like prolonged distortion, even at low volumes. Feed them clean current and no problems.