Gallo 3.1's and amps?

Just curious if anyone has used a Tube Amp with the Gallo 3.1's? I tried a Jolida 1000rc and it sounded nice. I'm looking to get the most out of my Gallo 3.1's and want to increase the power. I'm currently using a Sherbourn 5210a, which is rated at 5x200. I listen mostly to Rock music at loud volumes.

Would it be better to just stick with a Solid State amp like a Bryston 4bsst? Does anyone have any suggestions on some amps to try? Any thoughts or help on this would be appreciated.

Having had both in my system, I swear to you, the 3.5 sounds far superior to the 3.1, there is no going back for me.

Regards, Barry
Leatherneck-I have a pair of Morrow SP-2 speaker cables on my horns and I like them a lot. I will seek out a demo of some of the amps you suggest. Thank you for your suggestions.
Barry, do you have the 3.5's in the system now? Do you have the SA amp on the 2nd voice coil?
I do have the 3.5s in my system now, and I've never used the second VC on my 3.1s or 3.5s.