Gallo 3.1s

I have a pair of Gallo 3.1 speakers. They recommend for optimum performance on their lower end to us their amp. Would using a 3 channel amp like an Emotiva (200x3) using the center channel as the 2nd amp work?
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I recently did some A-B testing beetween the 3.1 and a $5700 speaker that I bought along with a $6000 speaker that I bought, and the Gallo 3.1 was easily the best sounding of the three.
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And the Gallos rock!! Far too many folks have extolled their virtues for anyone to lend credence to WC65Mustang's bleatings...

Sorry to resurrect such an old thread but I'm looking into some Gallo Nucleus speakers for another room and this thread popped up in my research. Has anyone tried using an outboard sub eq or crossover like the one from from Elemental Designs, Velodyne SMS-1 or Outlaw Audio ICBM with another amplifier to power the woofer of the Gallo Nucleus.3 series speakers? I was thinking about repurposing an older amp rather than paying the $750 for the Gallo subwoofer amp.Then I would get a used Velodyne SMS-1 or Outlaw Audio ICBM. ThanksĀ