Gallo 3.5 or Martin Logan Ethos?

I am in the market for a new set of speakers and have been considering the Martin Logan Ethos (used, would also consider the Vantage or the Spire). I have not heard the Ethos but I have heard the Spire, Vantage and the Theos (similar to the Ethos). I really like the wall to wall soundstage that the Logan's create. My only hesitation is that the "sweet spot" is somewhat limited. I have read that the Gallo's have an ESL "like" presentation with a wide sweet spot. Has anyone compared the 2 directly?

How would you describe the pros and cons of each?

I am coming from Klipsch RF-7s for a frame of reference.
My 3.5's are outstanding speaker for the price, I replaced the previous model, 3.1's which replaced the Maggie 3.6's. I love ribbons and the CDT's on the 3.5's do just as well or better except for the heigh presentation, but not an issue unless you stand up. The design with no parallel cabinet walls, no baffels, and crossoverless answers all those design weaknesses in most speakers out there.

I believe they are discontinued due to cost and the relationship with the supplier that makes the spine that the drivers are attached. I think Gallo made the mistake of initially pricing the 3.5's twice as much as the 3.1's, when they were introduced which turned off a lot of potential owners because they looked almost exactly the same. But the sound improved quite a bit and I think competes with some speakers 2-3 times their price. They do take a long time to break in for some reason, you can play them loud to break them in, they are bullet proof.
Thank you for the input. Have you ever listened to Martin Logan's Vantage, Ethos or Spire?
Macallan 7 (did you ever have the 50 yr old?) anyway....I never liked Martin Logans... I knew the guys there who are very nice, but I would choose Gallos.