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I recently purchased a pair of Gallo Classico CL-4's and a CL-S 12" sub for use with my home theater system [powered by an Emotive 7.1 channel pre-amp & 3rd generation 7-channel amp].  They sound AMAZING!  The imaging is precise & the enormity of the soundstage is impressive. 

Experience with this combination has inspired me too purchase a pair of Gallo Reference 3.1 floor-standing speakers.  I plan to drive these with a Parasound 2100 2.1 channel pre-amp and a 2250 v2 stereo amp, bi-wired.

Anyone else out there a fan of Gallo Acoustics?  Care to ruminate over your experiences, good & bad?  Any pitfalls or cautions I need to be cognizant of with the 3.1's?
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I had Gallo 3.1s and finally sold them.  I didn't have the bass amp, so cannot comment on that feature.  I did however experiment with the 15 Ohm resistors tweek found here

I didn't like the 3.1s because to sound their best the volume had to be quite high; at lower volumes there was no bass and the speakers sounded flat. I drove these with a butler 2250 that carried the current these speakers supposedly liked.  

I have heard the 3.5s are a much better choice.  The base is better and the top is the Strada 2, an improvement over the 3.1.  I have-not heard the 3.5s, but have heard the Strada 2 with sub - which is basically a dismantled 3.5.  I thought it was quite good and per Gallo the 3.5 was better integrated.  

As far as Biwiring Caution!

The Nucleus Reference3’s speaker binding posts accept bare wire ends, banana jacks or "U"
shaped spade connectors. The dual sets of connectors might easily be mistaken for "bi-wire"
binding posts, but they are not. The top two connectors are labeled "Speaker In," and offer a "full
range" connection to the Nucleus Reference3’s woofer, midranges, and tweeter.
The lower binding posts, labeled "Sub In," connect to the Nucleus Reference3 woofer’s secondary
voice coil – they’re designed to work with the optional Anthony Gallo Acoustics’ Reference3 SA
Power Amplifier. The SA amp works independently from your main amp and dramatically
enhances the Nucleus Reference3’s deep bass performance -- down to the range we associate
with full-size subwoofers. The SA amp will allow the Nucleus Reference3’s to reach 22 Hertz. For
more information about the remarkable Reference3 SA Power Amplifier, see your Anthony Gallo
Acoustics dealer.

Thanks for the heads up on my mistake about the BiWiring.  I downloaded the owner's manual & you are quite correct.  I already have a Gallo CLS-12 subwoofer [allegedly flat from 200Hz to 16Hz] & designed to integrate with Gallo's speakers.  So, it is doubtful that I will put too much effort into acquiring the Gallo Reference3 SA...but ya never know!


Thanks for the feedback & info.  I figured that the 3.5's were an improvement over the 3.1's.  But, as I have been keeping eyeballs on the Gallo Reference floor-stander series, for quite some time & I have never encountered any models other than the original 3 & the 3.1's on the used market.  Plus, the ones I purchased are, according to the photos, in excellent condition & the price was right.

Tangent upon how this experiment works out, I may eventually move up to one of Gallo's current Reference series, which seems to focus on sub/satt combos.