Gallo Nucleus Reference II

Hello everybody,
I recently removed my Gallos because I realized I needed to fix a small notch. Finally I found some of the original square head rivets. When my Gallos were out of service, I realized I had to use a pair of original Mirage Omnisats paired with the Omni S-10 sub In fact, would you think a pair of small speakers with a perfectly matched subwoofer are worth their money for a legendary pair of speakers like the Gallo Nucleus Reference II?
Thank you in advance
Tough call.  I’ve not had any gallos, yet, but have always had my eye on them.  Im also not familiar with the line up bug I googled your speakers and they look pretty sweet.  They also are very unique in their design.  Im not sure I’d part with those speakers.  
If you are feeling the desire to change things up a bit, perhaps you should go a different route.  
Hi, that interesting! I would be curious to see the Gallo speakers, can you send me some images, thank you very much! email:
im not sure what youre asking or saying but the gallo reference were absolutely fantastic speakers.  the biggest downside being that if the tweeter dies theres no way to replace it.  I have a pair of gallos and they are just fabulous.