Gallo Reference 3 stand bracket question

I've made some brackets for my Gallo reference 3's. The standard foot placement at 6 inches apart was just too narrow. I'm thinking of making having these made in bulk on a CNC machine, but perhaps in a more swept back deisgn. Something that looks a little less industrial. Any opinions on this basic concept? Any interest in buying these for your Reference 3's? I've got the BDR cones installed on mine, but the threading is the same for the stock Gallo feet, so those could be used as well,. These will also work on the speakers without the Brightstar stands.
You can see pictures of them on my system page.
Any idea what would be a reasonable price point?

Hi Dave,

You may be on to something, I'd be interested in a stand/bracket for my Ref 3's. I have considered the Bright Star stands but at $499 (plus shipping) they're way too expensive given the simple fact that the speaker itself is only $3000! When Gallo first brought out the Ref 3 speaker Anthony was showing the speaker with the Bright Star platforms attached, but I noticed @ CES this year he did not have the BS stands on them.
Hi Hack,

At the end of December '05 Gallo contacted us only a short time before the show to request a set of IsoRock GR3 stands for their display. Unfortunately (or fortunately), we were and are so overloaded with orders that we did not have a set to provide to them. As good as their display sounded at the show it would have been even better with the IsoRock GR3 stands in place.

It is true that the IsoRock GR3 stands are not inexpensive but it is a very complex design that uses custom-made parts as well as parts imported from Europe. There is also a huge amount of labor involved in their construction. Thankfully, that is all very worthwhile considering the extremely positive comments from customers and journalists about their performance.



Barry Kohan
Bright Star Audio
Barry, there may be a lesson here. If Anthony's that disorganized, maybe you should hold a pair of stands in reserve for him. Still, I can't imagine why he wouldn't have a pair permanently in his possession, as they do complete the speakers so well. As to the price point of the Bright Star stands, many people would consider the speakers themselves to be way too expensive, while a large number of people find them to be one of the best bargains out there.

Hello Barry,

I use several Bright Star products in my system and am quite happy with the results. As much as I'm sure the GR3 would take my Ref 3.1's up a notch (pun intended) the cost is out of whack relative to the price of the speaker itself. Hmmm.. maybe you could get them made in China (like Gallo does) and offer them at a much more attractive price point?

Best Regards, Jeff