Gallo reference /TAS vs Me

I spent a fair amount of time listening to the new reference speakers from Gallo a few months ago and dismissed them as closed in-particularly in the mids- and opaque in the soundstage and generally disapointing. Now TAS puts out a review which goes against everything I heard. Am I losing my hearing or are TAS and I listening to two different speakers? FYI the dealer used Musical Fidelity electronics with the Gallos and I listen with Maggie 3.5s and BAT electronics.
Rolloff, if you mean by "... top lateral cross mount" the metal cross member that has a hole in it through which you secure the allan screw for the grill "cage," then I believe they are supposed to be bent.

Both of mine were curved or bent in a precise way to accommodate the distance difference between the cage and the curved main pillar. If you notice the middle back cross-member (for another allan screw) is also offset or slightly curved/bent. The bottom cross-member should be straight.

The top cross-member curve is much greater than the middle cross-member's curve. This all looks to be deliberate design to me. Unless, of course, I misunderstand your post. Wouldn't be the first time.....
Actually you illistarted my point, sort of. One of my speakers has the grill so that all of the lateral support cross memmbers are straight AND line up perfectly for inserting the threaded screws. The other, as described, did not. It seems the jig that they make these on is a little fickle, or, that the frames change shape once formed. I say the latter as after testing of one of my dealers grills that he assured me fit well when new, and had been placed asside for demo purposes, now does not fit well with the top cross member needing to be bent in to reach the column.

One of my speakers' grill frame top cross member was also bent, whereas the other was not. Hard to tell if the frame or the speaker are out of kilter. Didn't bother me too much, because I prefer the look without the grill frame.
Just an update back to the really important feature in the speaker, THE SOUND. The literature suggests a break in period of around 100 hours. I think it states that it should be with vigorous play. For those of us who generally listen at less than vigorous levels, I can say the breaking was closer to 200 hours. WOW, what a difference once the brek-in took place though. The sound, surprisingly opens up in the lower registers without an additional bass amp. I'm actually wondering about the need for an additional amp. I love these speakers. I spent last night just marvelling at how complete my system now sounds, and how much of the music I can hear on every recording.
Do they have a matching centre speaker for the Ref 3's yet?
I'm thinking of using them in a multi-channel system.