Gallo reference /TAS vs Me

I spent a fair amount of time listening to the new reference speakers from Gallo a few months ago and dismissed them as closed in-particularly in the mids- and opaque in the soundstage and generally disapointing. Now TAS puts out a review which goes against everything I heard. Am I losing my hearing or are TAS and I listening to two different speakers? FYI the dealer used Musical Fidelity electronics with the Gallos and I listen with Maggie 3.5s and BAT electronics.
Do they have a matching centre speaker for the Ref 3's yet?
I'm thinking of using them in a multi-channel system.

They do, but it's not released yet. Go to to take a look at it. It's a CDT tweeter with 4 spheres in a horizontal arrangement. I've heard Q1 2005 as the targeted release date.
Jcruse, just where on that site might I find that prospective center-channel speaker?
I recently auditioned the Gallo ref 3. I own the Hyperion 938s (I have a review posted here). Although the Gallos were not broken in, they did have very wide soundstage and good imaging and sounded very dynamic. It did sound "foggy" or veiled compared to my Hyperions, but the speakers were not broken in. Many speakers sound like this brand new, so I would advise those to make sure the Gallos have at least 100 hrs (preferably 200) before comming to any conclusions. I think they are promising speakers. If the Gallos are truly what TAS claims them to be, then we have another giant killer (the other being the Hyperions). I will have another listen to them in about 2 weeks, hopefully the dealer pair will be broken in by then.

WhatI found surprising was that people are ordering these speakers without even listening to them just because of the TAS review. Don't people learn? I never ever purchase anything based on a review - I've had too many let downs in the past. Let your ears be the decision maker. Sounds obvious but people forget.
Keep in mind Dracule1 that not everyone has the ability to hear gear personally.