Game Changing Tweak

I bought a pair of electrical devices called Electraclear from a company called AddPowr. They're simply plugged into an electrical outlet that's shared by your system. I paid under $300 for them and they've boosted my system's fidelity dramatically. In the 1800's,  a physicist and mathematician, Joseph Fourier, delved into the science of harmonics, and now the founder of AddPowr used these equations to increase the signal to noise ratio. (more signal=less noise) His devices act as harmonic resonators. He worked for a high-end audio cable company before focusing on this new range of products.
   I thought that when I first received the Electraclears, the difference would be subtle. To my surprise and delight, it was a stunning change. I was hearing music from the inside out. Cleaner, more dynamic, and a far greater and noticeable improvement than my power conditioner produces.
   I love finding inexpensive audio devices that work. The company makes other products, but I'd recommend a pair of Electraclears to start. 
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Effect on tonality? I like a bit of warmth in my system and so far the (used) Furutech NCF Clean Line has added lots of focus, clarity, stage width and quiet but stripped the system of any warmth. (Emotionally) sterile is the word that keeps coming to mind. So I'm wondering about the Electraclear in that regard. And anyone know the difference between the Eau2 and Eau4?

Note: Naysayers, please do not respond. I'm not interested in your opinion.

Eau4 has twice the antennae and therefore a larger field. AddPowr is not stripping away anything. I got both Furutech and add powr. I use the Furutech on my Isotek vision power scrubber and the Eau2 on the router. Try the Furutech on the router maybe. Eau2 or Eau4 work.

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For a 10 plug-in comparison, go to "Live plug-in filter test" at YouTube. Doesn't include Electraclear, Puron or Stein, but many others available in the U.S. Disturbing result with Clear Line (no. 7 in the test and measurements at the end).