Game Changing Tweak

I bought a pair of electrical devices called Electraclear from a company called AddPowr. They're simply plugged into an electrical outlet that's shared by your system. I paid under $300 for them and they've boosted my system's fidelity dramatically. In the 1800's,  a physicist and mathematician, Joseph Fourier, delved into the science of harmonics, and now the founder of AddPowr used these equations to increase the signal to noise ratio. (more signal=less noise) His devices act as harmonic resonators. He worked for a high-end audio cable company before focusing on this new range of products.
   I thought that when I first received the Electraclears, the difference would be subtle. To my surprise and delight, it was a stunning change. I was hearing music from the inside out. Cleaner, more dynamic, and a far greater and noticeable improvement than my power conditioner produces.
   I love finding inexpensive audio devices that work. The company makes other products, but I'd recommend a pair of Electraclears to start. 
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For a 10 plug-in comparison, go to "Live plug-in filter test" at YouTube. Doesn't include Electraclear, Puron or Stein, but many others available in the U.S. Disturbing result with Clear Line (no. 7 in the test and measurements at the end).

+1 for the Eau4! Bought one initially for my OLED TV to see if it made any differences(s) and indeed it did. After about 10-12 days, better color saturation and darker blacks. What I dd not expect however, was the impact it had on my stereo system which is on a separate line but fairly close to my TV. 

My system became quieter, especially in phono mode. I was so intrigued that I ordered a second one and plugged it into an outlet with my stereo and the noise floor was further lowered to a level that I can no longer detect any noise. Prior to inserting these devices, I could always detect a very slight hum in phono mode  (behind my speakers) when I stopped playing a record. With my system off, the hum would disappear. Now, I can't hear any difference in the hum level when my system is on or off. Color me most impressed!

With the reduced noise levels, my stereo sounds more dynamic, has improved imaging and sounds a bit warmer since I am more aware (in a good way) of the tubes in my system.

The company offers a 30-day return policy, so you really don't have anything to lose, except for the time and effort it would take to actually audition the device...before passing judgement. I realize that for some, the later comes much easier.


I’m the OP of this thread. Congratulations on thinking for yourself and trusting your own ears. You’ve corroborated my own experience that AddPowr’s products are a powerful addition to ANY audio system. I also wrote a follow-up about plugging them into an isolation transformer along with a power conditioner so that every component downstream of the isolation transformer is treated to the same miraculous improvement. My ElectraClears were the original iteration of the technology and your Eau4’s are a doubling of the ElectraClear’s effect, so you did well.   
   Why this obsession with the seemingly infinite ways to improve one’s system? 
Psychologically, I’m creating a private cocoon of aural pleasure that blocks the incessant and irritating intrusion of the outside world. A great sound system is an aural womb, and harkens back to the most perfect and accommodating environment one has ever known- floating in a bath of amniotic fluid. AddPowr’s devices bring you back there.





All this arguing back and forth and it can simply be verified with a scope hooked into the 120VAC line. Look at the scope after plugging the 300 dollar unit in and measure what the difference is.

Report back. Heck, why won't the manufacture do this and use it for their advertisements? It would stop all of the uncertainty and increase sales if there really was a quantifiable improvement.