GaN amps: Peachtree or LSA Voyager?

Peachtree 400 and LSA Voyager GaN amps: Does anyone have direct experience with both of these amps? Can you comment on any differences that might exist in sound? I know the internals are supposed to be the same but even if that is true implementation can make a difference. Both are highly regarded by those who own them.

Might also be helpful if you listed the rest of your system (Pre and speakers).

My current system is: Bricasti M3 DAC; Rogue RP-7 (NOS) pre; Bel Canto Ref600M amps; Fyne F1-8 speakers.

Thanks in advance!


Mark, good luck with the Benchmark. I've been also eyeing the LSA and Peachtree GaN, and while the Benchmark isn't on my list (per what I've seen in posts) I would be interested in your first-hand experience. Keep us posted please.

"Over on the other selling site, there's someone unloading their LSA right now for $1700.  They can't have had it for very long, wonder why they're selling."


whats the difference why - ive had about 50 different pieces of gear over the last 30 years - most times i just get tired of the sound eventually - always thinking i either want to buy something that would provide an upgrade - (always more expensive) or i want to simplify my system

@smargo Try to concentrate on the features that you like in the sound of your system that will help you to enjoy how the music sounds in your system. I try to enjoy both, music itself and sound quality simultaneously. But it is more or less common to get accustomed to a good SQ that you may have in your system. I found it particularly useful  to compare between each other how different amps, cd players, DACs  sound. Then you may note what is that you really like in a particular audio equipment. If your components are good, you will always find a pleasant feature  of every unit. Otherwise, you may get read of that unit. This kid of comparison may help you to appreciate more and value the SQ that a particular component and the whole system gives you. I have three audio systems and like the sound of each of them in different ways. When i feel that a particular gear no more meets my demands, i try to replace it, but not necessarily with a more expensive gear. I changed a number of amplifiers during last years, class A, Class AB, class D. This helped me to understand more the nature of the sound and the features of each unit of gear. I sold a few of my amplifiers. Each of them i liked in some particular ways. As i like music, I like women, in general. In each individual woman i may like some particular things, different for different individuals. looking at a number of charming women, it might be difficult to choose one, you may like each of them in different ways. Something similar happens with audio gear when you really learn to value each individual unit. Once i tried different amps, i am starting to understand why my 20 year old push-pull tube integrated amp is so good. I needed to go through all these amps to understand that. You may also simplify your system. I personally found that not necessarily separate components give better overall result and started to appreciate integrated amplifiers, just an example. Having three different audio systems i can compare the differences. Not necessarily all  recordings sound better in my main system, which costs a number of times more than the other two. Sometimes i replace expensive amps with a cheaper ones with a success. If you want to know, just tomorrow i expect to receive  a relatively modest Nuprime ST10 amp. Finally, i took this simple choice because a local Nuprime dealer has proposed the amp, a slightly used one with a very reasonable cost. I think it should not be a terribly sounding class D amp. 

So try first to enjoy really  what you have. Then you will really know if you need to change something. The joy is your treasure. Do not force yourself.