GaN amps: Peachtree or LSA Voyager?

Peachtree 400 and LSA Voyager GaN amps: Does anyone have direct experience with both of these amps? Can you comment on any differences that might exist in sound? I know the internals are supposed to be the same but even if that is true implementation can make a difference. Both are highly regarded by those who own them.

Might also be helpful if you listed the rest of your system (Pre and speakers).

My current system is: Bricasti M3 DAC; Rogue RP-7 (NOS) pre; Bel Canto Ref600M amps; Fyne F1-8 speakers.

Thanks in advance!


I guess I've thought of amps as being in several varieties of late...

those that are either class a or class a/b operating in class a for a while that are using their class a operation to emphasize the lower orders of harmonic distortion in order to be more musical

those that try to drive distortion as low as possible, Benchmark and some of the class d and ganfet amps come to mind, that feel that any distortion that influences sound is wrong

and obviously tube amps

I've thought of DSP as trying to offset room issues by modifying frequency response and possibly reflections and timing..but not the distortion this even possible?


Cary's 805 had a variable feedback control.  I don't know how many other amps were made with this feature.

Received my Van Alstine 225M amps yesterday. First impression: If listening straight out of the box is any indication, these are going to be very musical amps. There is a little bit of an edge to dynamic peaks - if I am lucky this will fade as they burn in. Otherwise I am already happy. Extraordinary performance for the money.

markmuse - Out of the box - i would say 90% of what i have owned  over the last 30 years - sounded really good


 if you can say that you still like them in 30 days - then those amps are special