GaN amps: Peachtree or LSA Voyager?

Peachtree 400 and LSA Voyager GaN amps: Does anyone have direct experience with both of these amps? Can you comment on any differences that might exist in sound? I know the internals are supposed to be the same but even if that is true implementation can make a difference. Both are highly regarded by those who own them.

Might also be helpful if you listed the rest of your system (Pre and speakers).

My current system is: Bricasti M3 DAC; Rogue RP-7 (NOS) pre; Bel Canto Ref600M amps; Fyne F1-8 speakers.

Thanks in advance!


My theory is the the way various amps make distortion has a lot to do with it. I used to think it was how well the amplifier was able to get phase relationships right and I still think there’s something to that, but by no means is it the only thing! One thing that seems to have a bit of correlation is the decay in harmonics as the order of the harmonic is increased. It needs to be on an exponential curve. Another thing that I feel needs more research is the role that the 2nd and 3rd harmonics play in allowing the ear to make out the detail required to reproduce the soundstage correctly. This relates to my first sentence in this paragraph. If the amplifier isn’t devoid of distortion but the 2nd or 3rd is too low, apparently that can prevent the amp sounding 3D.

IME the class of operation has little to do with how well the amp is able to winnow out soundstage depth and detail.

thanks ralph for your thoughts, i tend to agree it is about higher order harmonics in the distortion profile and how these affect the auditory sensation of the decay of notes


That should be an interesting review. I have mad respect for Ralph, though Ive never been in a position to buy his kit. Why not start your own thread?


@pehare A dealer loaned me a pair of the Atma-Sphere GaN monos. They are indeed very nice. Interesting that they have a big toroidal transformer, the only D I have come across that does. I could eventually end ups with a pair. Just wish they had more power. At the time I was still using my KEF Reference 1s which benefit from lots of juice.


It will be interesting to read your comparison of the Voyager and the Atmasphere Class d monoblocks.  Based on the specs of your appears that the Atmasphere could easily drive them to over 104db at a listening position 10' back so I'm not sure more power would really be of much value, especially since the speakers are rated at 90 watts max continuous power handling.



When I had the Alma-Sphere monos I had not yet acquired the Fynes. The KEF Reference 1s that I was using at the time need a lot more grunt in an amp than the Fynes.

I no longer have the Atma-Spheres here to compare to the LSA. Listening at the moment to the AVA 225 monos on the Fynes (an excellent combination by the way). Going to insert the LSA in a few minutes.