GaN amps: Peachtree or LSA Voyager?

Peachtree 400 and LSA Voyager GaN amps: Does anyone have direct experience with both of these amps? Can you comment on any differences that might exist in sound? I know the internals are supposed to be the same but even if that is true implementation can make a difference. Both are highly regarded by those who own them.

Might also be helpful if you listed the rest of your system (Pre and speakers).

My current system is: Bricasti M3 DAC; Rogue RP-7 (NOS) pre; Bel Canto Ref600M amps; Fyne F1-8 speakers.

Thanks in advance!


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First impressions, and a qualifier: My comments relate entirely to my system and my sensibilities. Both the AVA 225M and the LSA Voyager GaN 350 are superb amps in my opinion. These are my FIRST impressions:

It is closer than I expected it to be. The LSA seems to have a blacker background, better decay, better rendering of textures, better detail. I think the AVA has slightly better global dynamics but has more of a tendency to break up on dynamic peaks (maybe from switching into AB?). Or maybe it seems that way because the LSA doesn't break up. The LSA has better micro dynamics. Imaging is a little better on the LSA. Both amps are what I would call slightly warm. 

Both the AVA 225M and the LSA Voyager GaN 350 are superb amps, and each is a steal at the retail price. As things stand now I am going with the LSA. I hear nothing negative and lots of positive. But again these are first impressions that might change. If they do I will update this thread. 

Makes sense....what you heard. Van Alstine is not a tweaker....he does not believe that parts or connectors or fuses, damping, etc....make any difference. He uses ordinary wire, connectors, capacitors, resistors, unbypassed power supply caps, transformer mounted with steel hardware, fuses everywhere.......even on the output.. etc. etc. If you tweaked his amps they would sound completely different and way, way, way better. I am not modding his amp....he would not approve and would freak out and anyone with a modded Van Alstine amp woud probably never get help with any issue, etc.

As I have stated....high end audio is all over the place......not so with quarter mile hot rodding.....everyone knows how to make a car go fast........all knowledge is available to anyone......In high end is a giant mystery for most people. When I tell people to remove binding posts and spades for better sound, etc.....they have no idea what I am talking about. There is no "tweaking bible".....where all the secret sauce is revealed. I am not making one would buy it.....people want to believe the advertising sales pitch.

This is why you have to listen for yourself. Then you will know what is what. I appreciate all serous A/Bs of equipment. Thank you Mark for letting us know what you heard.......My friend used to say "It all comes out in the wash"......meaning, that over time....the truth about things is known.

The truth about the intrinsic beauty of our soul is what is always real...May you bask in the light of your own being.......and radiate it to everyone.

Hi Ric. I’ve been doing this comparison without the tweaks I bought. After I‘m sure I have a handle on the character of the LSA I will add them back. Then I will likely send to you for mod. 

@markmuse I was the first person to have Ric mod my Voyager. It was a noticeable improvement. My preamp did not have an ON/OFF switch nor does the modded Voyager (stock does). So I had some issues when changing cables.

Congrats on the Voyager.

@markmuse thanks for sharing your first impressions on Voyager vs AVA 225s. This is particularly interesting for me since i still didn't decide to choose Voyager GaN 350 or Orchard monoblocks. Your impresión is fundamental. Just saying roughly, based on the impression that Atmasphere monoblocks left on you, how would you compare them with the Voyager? 

Did you feel any irregularities/distortion, dependencies of the high frequency reproduction on the speaker load?