GaN based SU-R1000 Technics Integrated Class-D, review by TAS

After their unobtainable and unaffordable ground breaking 1.5mhz switching speed, Technics SE-R1 GaN Class-D power amp, this new offspring integrated has finally gotten an in depth review.

I had high hopes for Technics "fully optioned" SU-R1000 integrated, "looks" like my hopes could be founded, here is the The Absolute Sound’s 7 page!!! review on it, enjoy.

Cheers George

First off Im going to let you know about an amp company that makes such a stunning GaN amp, that I immediately negotiated the USA Dealer position . It is nothing like any of you have yet heard and I stake my name on it . The AGD Production amps are capable of delivering 32A of current on the $7500 model and 50A on the $18K model. They switch at 800Mhz. They are the only GaN amps where the MOSFET is designed for HiFi ground up. The other amps are using GaN devices optimized for battery chargers.
He’s a shill for AGD, there is no way that those tube pins can possibly take 32A of current let alone 50A. He’s talking out of his ..
And he has no idea about the GaN transistors themselves that get used in these audio amps whatsoever, as the ones for battery chargers couldn’t take the current or the voltage that the audio ones use, again he just talking out of his .
And 800khz switching frequency yes is a "bit" better than 600khz, but no way near as good 1.5mhz that Technics uses in the SE-R1 and I believe from what someone said the SU-R1000 also. .
George, you are pathetic:
1. You are accusing AGD with blatantly lying as to delivering 32A. This is easily verified. There is no way a reputable manufacturer would risk claiming so if it were not so.

2. You did not read from Alberto's mouth that his GaN's ARE specifically designed for audio. HIS GaN's are HIS alone.
3. Again with switching frequency! Yes, 1.5MHz is higher than 800kHz, not better. It does not make for better SQ! You are obsessed with SF and ignoring SQ!

1. You are accusing AGD with blatantly lying as to delivering 32A.
Your dreaming, ask any tech, you try putting 32-50Amps!! as quoted through those 6550 leaf contact pin/sockets and see what happens to them over time, even the designer said the tube thing was a bit of a gimmick in an interview. (Yes for the gullible to swallow).

Again with switching frequency! Yes, 1.5MHz is higher than 800kHz, not better.
You have no idea what the switching noise filter has to get rid of it before it get to your speakers and what it does to the phase integrity of the audio band.
This is the phase shift at 600khz, for 800khz the red trace would only move to the right so it’s 70 degree "worst point" at 10k now, will then be at 20k instead with 800khz.
So you still have bad phase shift with 800khz in the audio band down to 2k instead of 1k. Still bad news.

And bwt why are you here, this is a Technics SU-R1000 thread stop shilling for AGD, your only causing it more hurt.
It's sad, he's the biggest offender of what he accuses others of doing. And the lack of comprehension... well that's a whole other story.