GaN based SU-R1000 Technics Integrated Class-D, review by TAS

After their unobtainable and unaffordable ground breaking 1.5mhz switching speed, Technics SE-R1 GaN Class-D power amp, this new offspring integrated has finally gotten an in depth review.

I had high hopes for Technics "fully optioned" SU-R1000 integrated, "looks" like my hopes could be founded, here is the The Absolute Sound’s 7 page!!! review on it, enjoy.

Cheers George
The SU-R1000 has the Intelligent Analogue Phono-EQ (Accurate EQ Curves, Crosstalk Canceller and Response Optimiser). Probably some other stuff too that I’ve left off, I hope 😉

The Crosstalk Canceller gives you the phono calibration record and I believe is still exclusive to the SU-R1000. My understanding of it anyways, the big reason I wanted it. Figured since I’ll be buying more records along the way I like that this amplifier could not only augment my speakers, but also my TT cartridges.

I think the previous SU-G700 only had a MM phono stage (not MC).

Yeah I was told January and that Technics is moving their unit production from Japan to Malaysia (dealer said), don’t know if that’s true. So they were having some issues as far as when they can expect to get future products in.

Then the review from Stereophile is out.

December 2021 issue.

"It was as Donald Fagen and his

background vocalists were singing to me, alone."

Seems like they like it.

Very happy with my SU-G30 with Audirvana.

Stereophile review of SU-R1000  "amp's bottomless noisefloor" is a good description of the SU-G700 as well.  I never heard the SU-G30 though I assume same analogy applies

I'm going to hear this amp this week. Looking forward to it. Reviews have been pretty much universally great however the Hi-fi World one gave it a bit of a panning.

Anyway will be interesting to hear how this sounds in my system.