Garage into listening room?

So I'm thinking of trying to put a stereo into my garage and use it as my main listening room.  It's apx 20x25 with about an18 foot ceiling.  It's not finished.  

If I set up in an equilateral triangle, say 8 to 10 feet, in the middle of the garage, would that eliminate the need for acoustic treatment?  And if I need treatment, I was thinking of putting a carport frame into the garage and using it to support acoustic treatment.

I wish I had thought of trying this out during the weekend versus on my drive into work this morning.  

Would this work?



Thanks, everyone for the suggestions and info.  It's just an open garage with no pillars.  Since I sold my BMW 650i Coupe, none of my other cars are worthy of being pampered.  They will live outside and be happy.  

Not sure if reverberant outhouses would be so great.  Man, that "splash" sound must have echoed!  


approximately where do you live?  Is the garage climate controlled?  How hot will the summers be and how cold the winters?  If you are going to have to open the garage doors to tolerate weather then it doesn’t matter what sound treatments you do.  And even if you drive prosaic cars, leaving them outside will cause them to age faster.  Squirrels and mice love to nest in engine blocks and chew on cables (I know several people that have to park outside that have encountered this).  And then there is the most dangerous mammal of all, the car jacking homo sapien.  Parking outside makes you a more vulnerable target.

  In short, a terrible idea, imo.

@audiodwebe ,

just go for it. I did. My shop is 30x40, 12' ceiling, 16' in the lift area. Fully insulated and sheathed. Temp controlled.

When i met my now wife, got married, and she moved into my house, I lost the privilege  of listening to my system. I had to comprise, so I built two shops. Is it treated? No. I final assemble/restore classic vehicles, so my system is in a ''clean'' area. Treatment right now consists of a 64 vette, 57 shortbed, and the remainder of shop stuff. I do take time out to do some ''critical'' listening, but usually just position my speakers where i'm working to get the best results. I welded up some speaker stands,roughly three feet tall, on full swivel rubber casters. Klipsch Forte III, modified, ARC Ref 5se, Ref 75se, Aurender A15, ethernet, muon filter. I love it.

Do it. Enjoy it. Listen to the music and live. Life can be short.

good luck

I refurbished a small garage that was on our property. Seemed like a good size. 14X19X8 inside. Heated, airconditioned great year round. Constant temps and humidity keeps things comfy. Cheap to heat and cool too.

No issues with waf. No issues with having audio equipment in our living room. No decorating compromises, only considerations like what's needed for best SQ. 

Considerable amount of work but kept cost down by doing all of it myself. I can listen as loud as I want any time I want. Not sure why more people don't do this. 


Is the garage attached to the home?  If not do you live in a warm climate?

I live in Chicago.  Even if I had a heated garage the thought of trooping out to an unattached garage with my galoshes and multiple layers of clothing in winter would definitely cut down my listening time.  My wife wouldn’t be to thrilled about bundling up if she needed to tell me something.  And no telling what friendly neighbors with firearms I might encounter as I trudge back into the home.

  Now are you getting insight into “why more people don’t do it”?