Garage Listing room

Conciderations pn a garage Listing room.

18 wide  24 ft long 8 ft high ceiling.

Open suds completley insualated with paper faces. Stucco on other side of walls. garage door is solid type with insualtion.

Ceiling is flat open studs 100% filled insualtion

would this serve as a listing room.

Von schweikert vr4/5 Biamps all tubes (might not fill room) Have new vr-8's (that will)


Without modification it's probably going to be a fairly dead sounding space due to all the exposed insulation. Are you willing to do modifications or would you need to use the space as-is? 

Use 5/8" sheetrock, it blocks like twice the sound of 1/2" for almost no additional cost.

That just isn’t true, sorry.

An STC (sound transmission) rating for a ’standard’ wall with 1/2" drywall on both sides is about a 33 STC rating, an insulated wall with *two layers* of 1/2" drywall *on both sides* is about 44, a wall with 5/8" on one side and *two* 5/8" layers on the opposite is about 55. We still have not achieved ’twice’ the stc rating, and we are well beyond what an existing 1/2" on the existing interior wall, and a new 5/8" layer on the garage would achieve, but it wouldn’t be as effective as two layers of 1/2" on both sides, an increase of only 11 STC points.

Can you achieve twice a standard 2x4 with 1/2" drywall 33 STC rating? Yep, you can get to 50-60, but not with a single layer of 5/8". Would it help? Yep, but not in reducing the transmission by 1/2.

My stereo room is above the garage. On the advice of a specialist I was able to add a floating sub-floor when the house was built.  On top of the standard 3/4" plywood floor, I added a layer of roofers felt covered by a 1/2" plywood layer scewed into the first layer, not into the studs. I also had the wiring for the  equipment outlets direct to a sepatate 20A breaker.

Please do yourself a favor, read my first post again. Specifically,

Usually only people who have actually been through this process know these things. So be careful, because a lot don't, but act like they do.

So for example when I say something like blocks twice the sound, that is because when you build it you will notice about half the sound getting through. If I wanted to sound all snotty and impressive I could spout dB specs all day and all night. This is the difference between trying to inform and trying to impress. Really wish the BSD types would catch on.