garrard 301 and its' restorations

i was looking at a recent  you tube video of a restored garrard 301 in action. the platter motions while playing an lp were  very "wobbly" and bouncy ,like it was tracking a warped record or a spring in the suspension was "detuned"  is  this an optical illusion or is this normal to the idlers ?. i've never seen this on a vpi ,acoustic signature ,technics 1200 direct drive , kronos ultra high end etc .


Oddly enough it wasn't particularly audible. No more so than warped or non-concentric discs i.e. all vinyl records but with varying degrees of severity ;)

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Garrard 301, Orthofon spu

two videos

its a nice old school turntable!

Whatever it is that you are talking about, it is not "normal to idlers".  Idlers can be judged by the very same criteria used to judge belt- and direct-drive turntables; the platter should never wobble visibly.  At the micro level, probably no turntable is absolutely perfect in that regard, but if you can see the phenomenon, you've got a problem.  My guess is that the LP was warped.