garrard 301 and its' restorations

i was looking at a recent  you tube video of a restored garrard 301 in action. the platter motions while playing an lp were  very "wobbly" and bouncy ,like it was tracking a warped record or a spring in the suspension was "detuned"  is  this an optical illusion or is this normal to the idlers ?. i've never seen this on a vpi ,acoustic signature ,technics 1200 direct drive , kronos ultra high end etc .


Whatever it is that you are talking about, it is not "normal to idlers".  Idlers can be judged by the very same criteria used to judge belt- and direct-drive turntables; the platter should never wobble visibly.  At the micro level, probably no turntable is absolutely perfect in that regard, but if you can see the phenomenon, you've got a problem.  My guess is that the LP was warped.
The Garrard 301, and 401, have no suspension. The platter sits atop a spindle that is around 5-6" long, in a substantial bearing well, and bronze bushings. This bearing well is affixed solidly to the chassis. I can't imagine a scenario in which a platter/spindle would be so unstable. The spindle/bearing on my 40+ year old Garrard 401 is still functioning as well as it did when new. It has to be caused by something else, as mentioned, a warped record or such.


maybe post the specific video so we can relate better to your comments.

i owned a Dobbin's Plinth'd and refurbed Garrard 301 that as i recall was dead solid steady appearing to the naked eye. but with a 50+ year old turntable anything is possible.

You really need to post a link if you want to receive any on point responses.