garrard 301 and its' restorations

i was looking at a recent  you tube video of a restored garrard 301 in action. the platter motions while playing an lp were  very "wobbly" and bouncy ,like it was tracking a warped record or a spring in the suspension was "detuned"  is  this an optical illusion or is this normal to the idlers ?. i've never seen this on a vpi ,acoustic signature ,technics 1200 direct drive , kronos ultra high end etc .



link is; you tube;cryo parts; garrard301 orthofon 12""

other videos :

old denon 300 dd no problem

linn itock ;rock solid

that headshell may contain the transformer ortofon spu

What a waste of time and effort. The record is obviously warped. You should learn how to cut and paste so you can put a clickable link in your messages.
Man, that's just weird. I watched several of the YouTube videos from Cryo Parts and the record looked like it was warped on most of them. Why would you create a video using a warped record? And it was crappy music to boot......

No offense intended, I just don't get it.........