garrard 301 and its' restorations

i was looking at a recent  you tube video of a restored garrard 301 in action. the platter motions while playing an lp were  very "wobbly" and bouncy ,like it was tracking a warped record or a spring in the suspension was "detuned"  is  this an optical illusion or is this normal to the idlers ?. i've never seen this on a vpi ,acoustic signature ,technics 1200 direct drive , kronos ultra high end etc .


The video on the Cardas website shows George lowering the arm on his very expensive turntable (that really complicated acrylic one with a woman’s name attached to it---the name escapes me at the moment), onto a somewhat warped LP. George, why not use an absolutely flat one for your video?! The music sucked too, kind of New Age easy listening. Reinforces the image civilians have of audiophiles. But George's Magneplanar Tympani-IVa's sure look great!
@bdp24 that would be Judy Spotheim of SPJ turntable fame. Cardas used to be the US distributor. I lusted after the Centoventi that Brooks Berdan used to have - maybe some day I'll acquire one 😉
If you watch the video carefully, in addition to the record warp, there appears to be a discoloration or a variance in the texture of the edge of the platter that gives the illusion that the entire platter is bobbing up and down.  

Yeah, that's the one folkfreak. Brooks told me he was involved in it's design, and used one as his shop's main table for a few years before his death. I don't know what happened to it, but Brian doesn't have it. Sheila has sold off a lot of Brooks personal gear, and had me sell the vintage drums I had provided him with, in the last few years of his life. Brian kept one kit, a 1960's Rogers.

Sheila asked me to find a band to play at Brooks' 50th birthday party at their house in La Verne, and I did---my own! Brooks got up on the kit and played "Wipe Out", the happiest I ever saw him. I miss Brooks a lot.