garrard 301 - how to polish chassis paint.

Hi, I have an old 301.The chassis cream color paint is in very good condition: no scratches or any other imperfections, but the color looks yellowish because the age I assume. Can you recommend me a good and safe way to gently polish the finish to make it look great again?. Thanks in advance
Hi, the sun’s rays and light make the colors yellow; I don’t think there are products to make the frame white again.
If, on the other hand, the frame has only lost its original luster, a good polish product for car bodies is the right solution.
But be careful if originally the color wanted by the manufacturer was opaque (not shiny) the car polish will make the paint shine and would no longer be original.
I've seen a few garrard 301 401 in the past but you'd better show some photos with the problem.
I’ve used this plastic polish with a microfiber cloth on numerous surfaces with excellent results. I’m sure it’s nowhere as aggressive as an automotive polish. Obviously, it needs to be very gentle for plastic.

So the plastic polish is a good solution for what looks like car paint in my garrard?
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