Garrard 301-Worth the effort?

A friend very generously gave me his Grandfather's Garrard 301 to restore or sell. It's not in bad shape, but won't play yet as it looks like it needs a new idler wheel and spindle (so far). I'm not crazy about the tonearm (Garrard with unknown Shure Cartridge) or plinth (plywood box). My dilemma is whether it's worth the effort and money to fix or would I be better off selling it and putting the money towards something new, possibly a VPI classic with a better tonearm? I currently use a Harman Kardon T-65C with a Grado Statement Sonata II and am very happy. But maybe I don't know any better. I've read great things about the 301, but I'm more into the music than collecting antique pieces.
Any opinions would be appreciated.

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Hmm... well, well, well... Thanks for the info!

Lewm, I agree and my apologies also for any misunderstandings in regards to my earlier post. I'll admit that at first I was under the impression that you were indeed offended by expensive products but I was obviously mistaken. If you refer to any of my other posts regarding modifiers of vintage decks, I always give respect and credit to these enthusiasts which undertake such things, including the other well known members within the community ie. Porter, Dobins, ect. (refer to my older posts). Not everyone will ever agree on everything in this hobby but that is just the nature of things. So much is subjective, like everything else in life - not everything is for everyone - as they say. I just appreciate the extensive work these outfits do and with all the seasoned audiophiles out there using vintage modified decks, I think they do deserve serious consideration to those in the market for a new analog front end. Something else that is neat about these decks imo is they don't look like modern decks (mostly) which gives them some added appeal. To me, its like comparing a cherry hot rodded Harley D. motorcycle to a new Honda sportbike, both totally different machines for totally different enthusiasts but both are worthy of respect. In addition to some of the vintage decks, I also am a fan of modern tables, such as the Redpoint audio, Feikert Woodpecker and the incredible looking and big $$$ NVS direct drive but these appeal to me in a different way than the others and I openly admit a bias toward some of the modded vintage idler drives and direct drives but thats a personal opinion of course. By the way, sorry to disappoint theory conspirators posting above but I am not employed by any hifi outfit and was never a member of a lenco hi end audio site but am a member of DIY audio and recommend it btw, great site. Forums are really something, don't ever mistake the gossip on these sites for Good listening to you, J.
Ah yes, the NVS. I wonder what's up with that product. Definitely the Honda Superbike to the cherry hot-rodded Harley that is an AF Garrard/Lenco. I have the same predilections as you. The price differential is huge.
Before I get to my question, I just wanted to say that although my name is also Dave and my username is HiFiGi, there is no connection to HiFiGuy.

Coincidentally, I also have a Harman Kardon T-65C with a grado Statement Sonata (but a I not a II) and wondered if you had any challenges with tracking force. I cannot get the cartridge to drop down far emough on the outer edge of the record. It sounds great and tracks well from the middle of the record to the label, but not on the outer edge.

I believe I may have a dry or damaged tonearm bearing, but before I try to repair it, I wanted to see if you (or anyone else) has ever corrected this type of issue with a turntable.