Garrard 301-Worth the effort?

A friend very generously gave me his Grandfather's Garrard 301 to restore or sell. It's not in bad shape, but won't play yet as it looks like it needs a new idler wheel and spindle (so far). I'm not crazy about the tonearm (Garrard with unknown Shure Cartridge) or plinth (plywood box). My dilemma is whether it's worth the effort and money to fix or would I be better off selling it and putting the money towards something new, possibly a VPI classic with a better tonearm? I currently use a Harman Kardon T-65C with a Grado Statement Sonata II and am very happy. But maybe I don't know any better. I've read great things about the 301, but I'm more into the music than collecting antique pieces.
Any opinions would be appreciated.
Mosin, don't forget to add Sonny1930 to your conspiracy list and any other hobbyists you wish to pick on. Don't forget about the Nantais fanboys and all others..... J
Wrong Jweiss, just don't care for the Slate sound, it's a personal preference. If I'm a shill, then so are about a hundred other posters here and on other forums who talk about products they like. Mosin, you obviously are just looking for an angle to put down others opinions. It's ok to like one thing but not another and to voice ones opinion is heresy? I mention all kinds of other tables I like in my posts (Feikert, TW, ect.) were you to actually do the reading.....give me a break people. Let the record state, since some apparently feel I only like one company - some favorite turntables are Dobbins the Beat, Artisan F 301, Porter sp10's, TW Raven, Feickert Woodpecker and RedPoint. Tonearms SME and Fidelity Research are two I think are tops also. Now, Mosin and Jweiss, if you want to call me a shill, then please get it right and call me a shill for all the above mentioned turntables this time. And why on earth either of you would care SO much about one members opinion is beyond me. J
12-08-11: Jeremy72
"Steve Dobbins is probably the best person in the US to tweak it and refresh the linkage and idler. "

Not true. I'd try Chris at Artisan Fidelity, rumor has it they are currently working on a new 301 restoration which is going to be out of this world. Their plinths and restorations are top notch quality and they are said to be building the highest performing Lenco based idler drives available at this time. They're better built and certainly have much better fit and finish compared the the Canadian nantais modifier/builder. His work looks like it was built in someones shed by a high school woodshop student with a can of spray paint imo.

And, then....

01-07-13: Jeremy72
"Mosin, don't forget to add Sonny1930 to your conspiracy list and any other hobbyists you wish to pick on. Don't forget about the Nantais fanboys and all others..... J"

And I'm the one accused? Go figure. If nothing else, I do support the DIY community along with my friends in the cottage industry, and I know and consider Steve Dobbins to be in that extended family. He is one of the good guys. So is Nantais, although we have been at odds from time to time, but at least we did it in a direct exchange for all to see and judge for themselves. I hold no ill-will towards him, and I do take offense when I see his, or any, product being derided for the sole purpose of promoting another, but I said that in my earlier post.

Hopefully, we can get back on track to the original poster's purpose for the thread, and I apologize to the readers for keeping it off-track this long, but I felt a response was necessary.
Hello Syntax,

Nice to hear from you. You'd like to hear more fairy tales from OMA? Great, here's one-

But it might give you nightmares. Ask your parents before watching it.

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Completely neutral here with no axe to grind of any kind. I currently have an OMA Lenco, my own high mass wood plinth Lenco, a 301 by Dobbins, a 401 refurbed by Loricraft in an Artisan plinth, a Kenwood LO-7D, an SP_10 Mk2, a Victor TT 101 in a japanese very heavy lead plinth and recently sold my Micro Seiki SX-8000.

Despite the fact I would love my hand rubbed piano polished birds eye maple wood plinth to be superior, and noting my TT 101 is the most dynamic deck ever, the OMA Lenco is easily comparable and in some areas exceeds the other decks. Nothing comes out superior, because each has different qualities, but the OMA has no shortcomings, has the best emotion and easily could be my "desert island" deck.