Gary Fischer Horn Speakers??

Anyone have experience Gary Fischer's horn speaker builds?

I spoke to him, and found him to be quite interesting definitely knowledgeable regarding Altec-like horn speakers. His works looks great too. Has anyone heard these? Thanks for your help everyone.


Looked him up, his pricing is good

I owned 2 Pair of A7's

A-7 500's    and Pair of A7X

Bought them New Wholesale, Cabinets were like 250 each and the component kits were 500 ish each. In my living room. What great speakers!!

If wanting an Altec buy one if wanting a horn an Altec copy isn't the best way.

That is the thing....I DON'T want an Altec.  I want a updated (better) version of an Altec. A vintage Altec has great nostalgic qualities, but doesn't sound up to audiophile levels. The image size and dynamics of speakers like that are wonderful. The fidelity is kind of limited. So, Gary will build a better cab.Use better wire and components, and modern drivers that will have more proper resolution and frequency response. 

My question was not really about Gary as a builder. His work is obviously very great. The question is about whether that vintage design can sound up to date...or if I should consider another design


You will need a reasonably large room for A7 or A5 clones.  You should also consider horn speakers from Klipsch, Tannoy, Fyne, Volti and JBL, as all of them will likely have better resale value than Gary Fischer Altec clones.