Gemme Tanto V2- any thoughts?

Thinking I may try these out. Does anyone have personal experience with these speakers in a medium sized room, powered by solid state amp. I will be using Naim 552/250.2. Thanks in advance!
Its funny you say you are not a "fan" of Sonus Fabers either, yet you have had them for 3 years. I know where you are coming from. I think they are a speaker that doesn't due harm and as such, it is easier to compare them to other speakers that while better in many areas, may have one or two issues that are just not completely satisfying. Leaving us with the product that has fewer faults but may not be totally satisfying.
I've been using the Gemme Audio Tanto IIs for about 6-7 months now. Main source is a Shanling SCD-T200 SACD/CD, routed through an Emotiva MMC-1 and IPS-1 amp.

While I'm not as eloquent or technically proficient as most on this board, I can say that the Tantos have a very clean and clear presentation. My wife, who could care less about audio, even comented on how much better they sounded than our last pair of mains.

The Tanto is neither forward or laid back, it presents a natural, wide, soundstage. I also slide the speakers back towards the walls when entetaining and while they do sound better about 18-24" from the rear wall in my room, they seem to be very forgiving of location. They do produce a healthy amount of bass for their size, but they do not sound boomy or "slow". They are forgiving in the sense that most of what I own sounds great coming out of the Tanto's. Granted, my components are decidedly mid-fi, but the speakers are no longer the weak link in my chain.

One thing to keep in mind is that with the Tanto, you're essentially paying for the cabinet. The speakers can be sourced from Madisound for apx. $75. And as you know, there is no crossover inside. I've always been a fan of the Vifa ring tweeter and the fact the Tanto uses one put it on my short list. Buying a couple of replacement units "just in case" is cheap and easy.

This speaker will be in my home for a long time to come. The sound is fantastic and the price I paid, reasonable.

If I could submit one complaint it's that stock spikes, while made from very heavy hunks of metal, make the cabinet tippy from side to side. But, you are able to mount the V3 outrigger style feet to the V2 Tanto. This should solve any tippyness issues.

Robert, the owner of Gemme is also quick to respond and helpful with any questions I've had pre and post purchase.

Best of luck with the search.
Yakbob, one thing that I can confirm is Robert's responsiveness. I have had similar experiences with such a small group of other companies, and when it does happen it makes one recognize they are working with a special (aka caring) company.

After spending some time communicating with Robert, he shared some ideas with me. I am planning on spending some time this weekend implementing and/or testing some of his suggestions and will post more after I have a better feel.
Not sure if the 3/30/11 question was directed at me, as I have the Katanas.

I have come to the conslusion that the stated required power for the Gemme Katanas is really not all that fair. In speaking with Robert, he conveyed that they spend a lot of time running at about 16 ohms (vs. 8) and as such that halves the power of a lot of amps.

In installing my ML 334 amp at 125 wpc @ 8 ohms I noticed some definate opening up of the sound stage (it should be noted that sound stage and imaging performance is well documented with this amp). I played around a lot more with placement of the speakers and thought I had the right spot which showed the improvement in soundstaging with the new amp. Then the other night, I decided to bring them out about 1" more and this really paid off in dividends. I tried them out even further than this in the past but lost some of the bass and moved them back (I should have taken them back about 1 inch at a time).

My toe-in is almost non-existant now. The sound stage laterally and depth is better. There is still little that goes on in front of the speakers unless such is really strongly addressed in the recording. But depth is better with the higher power and better placement.

I really have grown to love these speakers. My Watt Puppies have been sitting out of the room for about two months + now. To me that says a lot. The Katanas don't carry quite the same bass weight as the W/Ps. But they do offer a nice tight, fast and controlled bass that is compelling. I actually think I like the HF better with the Katanas than the W/P - a little smoother or less agressive (but not soft or rolled off).

I feel pretty comfortable recommending these speakers. Though I am interested in getting an even higher powered amp (something in the 200-300 wpc @ 8 ohm range) to see if the added power brings out more positive attributes. I am considering a Krell, ML 400 Series, Parasound JC-1, possibly a BAT 500 (less likely) or possibly something else. Suggestions would be welcome for another higher powered amp.