George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch Theatre

Does anyone know what speakers and electronics that George Lucas is using in his 300-seat theatre at his Skywalker Ranch. I believe he uses B&W 802s in one of his small mixing studios but am curious about the theatre.
Thank you.
If I'm not mistaken, according to a recent article in one of the Stereo mags(I think HT magazine)the speakers they use in that set-up are not only custom horn loaded designs with integrated woofers, but they're also run ACTIVELY!!!Infact I think they mentioned that the whole thater had just been "re-vamped" with this updated gear. When you consider that these horn loaded speakers are ultra high sensitivity to begin with, coupled with an "active" set-up, placing electronic crossovers before the actual amplification stage, which is electro mechanically placing the amplifiers dirrectly on top of the drivers themselves, you realistically can't get any more powerful, dynamic, and loud that those are cabpable of playing!!!! Not only are large horn speakers ultra dynamic and sensitive to begin with, but the combination of doing the speakers with "active" amplification, makes them even that much more potent! With these speakers, having not heard them myself, I would venture to suggest that they put out dynamics so strong and nimble that IT HURTS!!!
Now you compare that with modest little home theater speakers you saw in the picture(refering to the B&W Nautilus doo-hickies), and it's no comparison!
I bet you if you called and talked to someone overthere, or perhaps read a bit further into the article, you would have found that the reason one of the rooms had some traditional home audio stereo speakers in the sound room, was to approximate what a mix would sound like using standard "real-woerld" home speakers, which are likely to be used by a lot of consumers out there! I bet this is the case, as Lucas Film would never endorse the use of standard Non THX certified designs for your actual movie system amplications! The other alternative as to why you saw the B&W set-up there, would be that they wanted a sound room for mixing only multi channel music!...a different animal than what's required from a movie mix for sure.
Hummmmmmm....I'd be currious to find out the real deal behind that room they have.
The studio had Wilson's and MIT cabling, the last time I was there. We sat in the theatre briefly, however I'm not sure what speakers were used there.