German Physiks - Listening Impressions Wanted

I would like to hear from folks that either own or have heard any of the German Physiks Speakers,
preferably the Carbon or Borderland.Both being MK 4 versions with the latest triple D drivers.

I have either one of these unique speakers near the top of my short list but with too many unknowns with a speaker this expensive,I will probably have to make a trip to see Larry owner of Distinctive Stereo and get a good look and demo.

The HRS-120 might be a candidate also at a lesser price point.

@kdude66 - Where are you located?  You never know when aother audiogoner near you has a speaker you'd like to hear.  I have opened my doors to people who want to hear Ohms in my area.
I've never really gone in for the common idea that omnis are by nature "not accurate" particularly in terms of soundstaging and imaging.  As if on a direct radiator you "hear the REAL image contained in the recording" but on the omni you don't.

I've mad many speakers of all types, and even right now I have Thiel 3.7s, 2.7s, Waveform monitors, and well as a pair of MBL 121 omnis.

The MBLs show me all the same relative information as any of the more direct radiating speakers do.  If a voice is panned hard to one speaker...there it is.  If it's just slightly behind and to the right...there it is. 
I can simply hear the spatial relationships more distinctly, with more dimensionality, and with the sense of the speaker "disappearing" vs most direct radiators. 

In fact, generally speaking, the more a direct radiating speaker has controlled dispersion, cabinet distortions etc, the "better" they soundstage in terms of disappearing as sound sources, and rendering depth and dimensionality.   In other words....the more like the MBLs.
My Thiel 3.7s are just about the most "invisible" and best imaging box speakers I've owned, and they are the ones that sound most like the MBLs in terms of soundstaging and imaging.
I’m near Tulsa,Oklahoma.
We have a small audio club here,with many kinds of gear but no Omni’s that I’m aware of.

I just got done restoring a pair of Borderland Mark 1's (new DDD's from factory), these are my first Omni's, and I love them. However, they are very current hungry and work better with SS, so I rolled the dice and tried powering them with a McCormack DNA-1. Wallah! Great match!. Controlled with Mark Levinson 26 pre and sources PS Audio PWD/PWT. This overall combination sounds very nice for a secondary system playing CD's.          
@kdude66  - Tulsa, eh?  Well, all I can suggest is that you contact John Strohbeen at Ohm and/or Larry Borden at Distinctive Stereo.  Maybe they can reach out to someone in your area who owns these speakers and see if they'd be willing to invite you in for a demo.  You never know.