German Physiks - Listening Impressions Wanted

I would like to hear from folks that either own or have heard any of the German Physiks Speakers,
preferably the Carbon or Borderland.Both being MK 4 versions with the latest triple D drivers.

I have either one of these unique speakers near the top of my short list but with too many unknowns with a speaker this expensive,I will probably have to make a trip to see Larry owner of Distinctive Stereo and get a good look and demo.

The HRS-120 might be a candidate also at a lesser price point.

@phusis - I don’t dispute that you heard what you heard when you listened to the HRS-120. I would only mention that, I think, GP has made significant revisions to its DDD driver, and I think the HRS-120 included an older version. When I heard the speakers, also in a very large space, both the Limiteds and the Borderlands (both with the current version of the DDD drivers) were very dynamic, engaging and life-like. Of course, there were many other variables, and YMMV. I also think that omnis vary in their sonic character just as much as dynamic or panel speakers do. There are dozens of variables, so I would not judge all omnis by the HRS-120 anymore than I would judge all dynamic speakers from hearing just one of them. There may be general family resemblances, but they can sound quite different from one another.
Phusis there are some tube amps I like and others I find too limited. The ones I like tend to be able to do well with electronic as well as acoustic music. Of course I could say the same about SS amps. I do use a tube pre-amp (Audio Research sp16) in my system.

The tube amps I hear that I do like also tend to be playing with speakers that mate up to them well, often not the same ones I would choose with a SS amp.

So two different worlds really. I would never use a tube amp with the GP. The ones up to the task would likely be way too big and expensive, run hot, and consume loads of power.

Those who lean towards tube amps are not likely to go the German Physics or mbl way.   But they will also end up with very good sound just in a different manner.    Some like OHMs with tube amp and sub I know but not sure I would do that myself either.
What do you guys that have lived with a Omni speaker long term think about these.

Not a lot of money for me to try maybe,give me your true thoughts.

Not a bad idea, and they look pretty clean.  Just look around at the big auction site, where many pairs are offered at much lower prices (although not this model, and not in as good a shape as these).
I am not certain if you already acquired a pair of speakers but I can give you my experience on GP. I own several GP speakers (since 2009), including Borderland and 120. Obviously Borderland is more extended and IMHO, one of the best speakers ever made. My favorite is the Unicorn even though does not have the lows of the Borderland. All three models are recommended with no hesitation. They have natural voicing, excellent presentation, able to play large symphonies and keep rhythm well. Also, they handle high volume and peaks without stress or distortion. Amplification used is FM acoustics, Vitus Audio and Concert Fidelity. I hope it helps in your decision making.