German Physiks - Listening Impressions Wanted

I would like to hear from folks that either own or have heard any of the German Physiks Speakers,
preferably the Carbon or Borderland.Both being MK 4 versions with the latest triple D drivers.

I have either one of these unique speakers near the top of my short list but with too many unknowns with a speaker this expensive,I will probably have to make a trip to see Larry owner of Distinctive Stereo and get a good look and demo.

The HRS-120 might be a candidate also at a lesser price point.


@audition__audio ...I think it's not really fair to say that GP speakers put the Ohms to shame without noting the huge price differences, somewhere on the order of 5 times or more. I have always referred to my beloved Ohm Walsh 2000s as poor man's Radialstrahlers, and the same can be said for Ohms vs. German Physicks.  I have heard several GP models, and if I could afford them, I might replace my Ohms with them.  But when I fire up my rig with my Ohms, I don't feel bad at all.  Just the opposite, in fact.

I just had the chance to directly compare the HRS130 set up with my McIntoshes with a 25W tube amp from Unison Research (very decent, but not explicitly high end). While the HRS130 are very fast, they are not particularly efficient  (87db/W/m) and usually are being not considered optimal for a smaller tube amp as compared to e.g. horn speakers. However, I have to say that the Unison has really made a good impression on me and my audio buddy in direct comparison with my McIntoshes. Also, power was not an issue in the 50 sqm room.

The tube generated more room (than the impressive stage the speakers had provided already), a deeper and wider sound stage and a fine resolution particularly in the mid range. Is it possible that this easy-to-spot difference is due to the fact that the GP speakers do not have a cross over filters splitting the midrange, and a warm tube amp with a pronounced midrange can take advantage of that? Mere speculation! 

Anyway, three hours of intense listening and I have just ordered a DECWARE Torii Mk5 expecting that this should be an even more pronounced improvement. Unfortunately, it will be under the Xmas tree in 2023, if I am lucky.

I have been a German Physiks satisfied owner for the last 15 years and due to my corporate career I had 5 residences in the US, Europe and the Middle East, thus I owned multiple pairs. I just retired and have consolidated everything in the US. I believe that German Physiks are unique designs and the people that own them, many musicians and conductors as well, keep them for life. For most people is a destination speaker. I have made some videos on my YouTube channel to provide an idea on their sound. Please use headphones for better results. I am currently in discussion with German Physiks to become their distributor in the US. If you are in Dallas, I will be happy to have a coffee with you and listen to music.

In the links below I have recorded some tracks on the PQS-302 and HRS-120 with two different set ups. The first with Ypsilon Electronics Phaethon integrated amplifier and the second with German Physiks' own Emperor Stereo Power amplifier. Phaethon is a hybrid amp and the German Physiks is SS. They also play well with tubes provided the amp is stable at 2.5-4 Ohm load.




Soon I will put videos for the German Physiks Unicorn, a horn-loaded, single driver omnidirectional speaker, and the HRS-130.

All recordings are done in my listening room with an iPhone 13 from the listening position.