get newer turntable?

(I don't know anything about turntables) I have an old fully automatic lineartracking sony turntable
which has no adjustment for vta, tracking force, etc.
What are benefits of changing to a budget turntable
which has these options? Will I hear an improvement?
Mine I believe is P-mount, does this mean I can use mm and mc cartridges? Budget is $1000.
Helo Samuellaudio, forget the sony and look at maybe a modified rega planar 2/3 or P25 used, or a Clearaudio Emotion/Satisfy(a couple for sale right now w/ cart.), Moth(same as rega), Basis 1400/rb-250 used, ther are so many good tables used at great prices. I would not reccomend a spring suspension table for a "first" turntable, too many adjustments for getting it right. I love my Well Tempered table, and they are available used in your pricerange, but again too tweaky for getting it right. You could get a nice Rega P25 with a world class tonearm and a very good cartridge for $1000. and it will be fully upgradable. Will you hear a difference?, it will be night and day, it will most likely sound better than your cd player. Just one man's opinion. Do some research and enjoy your record collection like you've never heard it before. Good luck and have fun, Alan
(thanks) What does this mean, "modified" regar planar? What's the difference between p3 and p25? Do these require any adjustment like
cartridge weight or tracking force? What's the purpose of those adjustments?)