Get rid of the Dunlavys?

I currently own a pair of Dunlavy SM-1s. I am using them with a Denon 3803. I am contemplating selling the SM-1s and getting into some B&W 805s. I listen to all types of music, but I really like female vocals and acoustic music. Just wanted to get some feedback. I know this is completely subjective, but it will be nice to get some other views. Thanks
Darn you guys are fast. I was going to tell him to get the B&W's and sell the Dunlavy's. Also, I was going to inform him that I had a lead on a serioius buyer for the Dunlavy' of course. Oh well, at least you saved him from making a big mistake.

Happy listening,
Add another vote for keeping the Dunlavys. You'd definitely regret selling them.
... and upgrade to a used pair of Aletha's or Cantata's. I cannot fathom selling Dunlavy's for better 'female vocals and acoustic music'. JMHO.
For acoustic music reproduction along with female vocals, I would "think outside the box". Nothing does this music as well as planers or e-stats IMO.

Take a couple of cd's of your choice and go have a listen, try something by Jacintha as a test for great female vocal.

I agree with Sogood51 ! I still haven't heard a box speaker that could do these things like a Planar or E-stat.