Getting back in the game

Getting back into things after about 8 years. My Rotel amp is dead and I have some B&W 804’s. Was thinking of getting a used Naim superuniti (2000ish) as an all in one amp, streamer, dac, etc. I missed all the streaming and Bluetooth stuff. Thought this might be a smart way to kick it off

Any other ideas?
With that setup, maybe consider the entry level Innuos Zen mini with the power supply. Most of what you just bought along with your B&W speakers you already had will likely cycle out of your system in a few years. The Zen mini will likely perform at exceeding the capabilities of both this setup and your next one. What kind of cables are you using?
I looked into Innuos and it looks fantastic!  i think i will go that rout unless anybody thinks another streamer would be better.  The only thing I didn't see is bluetooth availability but that is not huge as i believe the sound quality is poor and it can be added with a bluetooth reciever? 
not sure the language is correct.  

as far as cables go im all ears, help me spend my money lol

again i appreciate the help

Several things are at play here. The B&W speakers are not the easiest to drive but I will assume you are happy with the sound you are getting. The Naim gear you bought is classic and has some really cool attributes you wouldnt want to suppress. This era of Naim requires the special cables which you should probably stick with. If I recall correctly though, speaker cables with banana connections on the amp end should work fine. If you want a decently priced speaker cable, the Tellurium Q Black II has received a good deal of buzz. Your cd player is actually a pretty cool piece. That player used the Philips TDA1541 dac chip which has been used recently in a number of reasonably priced NOS dacs...Border Patrol, MHDT Orchid, etc. should be a fun listen. I have no idea how the dac implementation in the Innuos Zen Mini will compare but you will be able to compare. You can burn the cd into the Zen and the play the cd on the Naim and switch between them for comparison. Disclaimer:I have heard none of these items together or seperately, its just a road I might consider if I were in your position. Best wishes.
Also, I believe the preamp only accepts din connections so you may want to purchase some rca-din connectors. This will be required if you want to connect any rcs output devices to the naim preamps.