Getting back into digital. Please help.

Need help on something that can compete with my vinyl. I haven't paid much attention to digital the last several years and haven't a clue what is good or sound characteristics of certain brands other than Naim.

No dealers where I live so used market. Hopefully I can get something with warranty left. Price range $5K or less. SACD is nice but not a dealbreaker.

System is 300B amp or a 45 amp into Altec Model 19s. Preamp is also tube - 76/6F8G based. 300B amp has gain pots and enough gain that can take digital source direct.

Current CD is ten year old Technics player. Smooth but uninvolving and nothing like the Naim CD5/Flatcap combo we have upstairs (awesome). Also tried the playstation...same sort of sound as the Technics.
Check out the reviews on the Bryston BCD1.
No issues at all with an aggressive of mechanical sound. I have read these reports from some people and have never experienced it. I do not have the external power supply, one can only spend so much money. I find the CDX2 very musical, I am currently listening to Starker, Bach suite for solo cello, I also have this on vinyl. I enjoy both. The CDX2 seems to highlite the music more, vinyl gives me a real sense of being in the room, perhaps a little more sense of the instrument being 3 dementional. I enjoy both. I listen to jazz, acoustic music, vocals up to heavy metal. I really enjoy the CDX2. I do have it on still points, a little more detail perhaps but not a lot of difference, I noticed more with the stillpoints on my Classe amp and belles preamp.
if I were getting back into digital at this stage I'd definitely be putting together a hard-drive based system. you'll be able to take advantage of the hi-rez stuff that's already coming out (as downloads). not only this, but if you use the right software to extract the info on CDs to your hard drive, it will actually sound better than using a CDP. the big high-end shop in town (definitive audio in seattle) did a demo a few months back which was revelatory and I think your budget is adequate to do it: HDs are cheap, the software is cheap - your big expenditure will be the hi-rez DAC (or whatever these things are called now...).
Pick up a Rega Apollo ($500 - $600 used).
If your electronics/speaker are up to it, you may not
need more.
Esoteric sa-50 sacd with usb input- $4,000 used.
Apple Mini -$700
Apple Iphone or ITouch- $200
20 used cd's from Amazon- $100