Getting into Stevie Ray Vaughn

Recommendations please (on CD). I don’t have a TT yet.


Wow, just getting into Stevie Ray?
Well prepare yourself for an excellent experience.

As mentioned above his discography is limited due to his untimely death.
But, what a discography it is!

There is some live video performances out there as well.
Spectacular and effortless.
And that voice!

If CD is your thing you might find this gem interesting.

Happy listening

Only 5 maybe 6 studio albums. At moronazon for couple bucks each used. 
Get em all for fairly cheap, look for the free ship. 
He did a nice disk with his brother Jimmie that still holds up IMHO called Family Style
Rushfan:  That is quite the collection.  I'm getting a few CDs delivered on Wednesday.   After I listen to them, I'll take a more serious look at that boxed set you mentioned.  At almost $50/cd, its a good chunk of change, even for SACD. 
ptman said:  "I was in the Air Force, stationed in Austin mid-to-late 70's. Regular hangouts were Armadillo World Headquarters, Threadgills and the Back Room."

I was at Bergstrom in the 70s also (73 thru 76).  Frequented the same places you mentioned.  Austin was a great place to be in those days!