getting into streaming

So after many years of playing cd's, I'm considering getting into streaming music. I would prefer to use the DAC in my accuphase CD player; my question is I assume any streamer would require something additional to control it (smart phone, tablet etc) but I'm wondering if there is something out there that has its own controller to use to surf for songs, so I don't have to buy anything else to use it


If I read the OP's original post correctly, they asked if anyone could recommend a streamer device that came with its own dedicated controller.  No one seems to have answered that.  Unfortunately, I don't know the answer.  I know they existed for personal servers before there were streaming services, like the Squeezebox devices & Audirvana.

Does anyone know of any contemporary streamers that include a physical controller, access to multiple streaming services, and (possibly) a server or NAS (although I'm guessing that the OP will continue to play their CDs)?

While i have a love/hate relationship with Roon, i too think its a prime candidate for you.  You could also look at the open source KODI.  Both are software and must be run on either a regular laptop/desktop, or on a dedicated server.  Both are controlled by available remotes that are apps on phones/tablets.  Both can play local files (ripped CDs) and connect to streaming services. Note that streaming services, while great, vary greatly in quality.

Int he past i have written many pages on the dos-donts of streaming.  Streaming can be superior to CDs but it takes some doing to get it right (true with any digital). Note that once you introduce a noisy computer into the chain tho, isolating the audio chain from that (electronic and ground) noise becomes both more important and more difficult.  But its not rocket science - only the regular kind :-)

As a first step, you can use itunes + a $10 utility called bitperfect (on macs). There are several cheap/free programs for windows and Linux, but take more rolling of your own.  WMP/Windows has a bunch of issues - not fatal, but issues.  For one, its harder to keep things bitperfect.  For two until recently WIN did not support the latest USB high res spec. And USB, done right, is the best transfer method to a DAC.  Many will argue. They are not engineers familiar with the topic. Yes, its one of those places where you need to isolate noise very, very carefully.(see above).

I would NEVER go back now that i've gone to the dark side. The endless catalog, the convenience, the readily available re-masters are addicting!

Hear the sirens :-)




One more idea: use a great streaming service like Tidal, which has a slick app. Then, for your local files (which i promise you will soon ignore), use the program built into your laptop(itunes/WMP) or Songbird (free).

Take a look at the Innous product line.  You can rip your CDs to the Innous streamer, and it comes with an excellent music management app called Sense, which is free to use.  Or you can configure it to use Roon. 

Years ago, I purchased a Roon lifetime subscription.  Roon is more feature rich than Sense and Roon has a great user interface.  While Sense has less features, in IMHO, Sense sounds noticeably better than Roon, and while I like Roon's interface better the Sense interface is very good. I rarely use Roon in my listening room anymore.  



OK, do not panic, by the above advice. First of all, you have to ask yourself what quality level you are looking for. If you want streaming to be on par with your CD sound quality, then you probably need to carefully choose a high quality streamer on the order of components in the rest of your system. So, I’m thinking an Aurender N150 or better yet Aurender N200. Then you will not have to play with your routers and become a IT geek. If you get a high quality streamer, then it will make up for any deficiencies in your network.


The way I look at it you can buy a cheap streamer... think Blue Sound and put a couple grand Into your network and be your own IT guy or you can buy a high quality streamer, it will cashe the incoming files, isolate the noise on your network and produce outstanding sound or you can fiddle with your network. I was in IT for 40 years... I prefer to plunk down a box and listen to great music.


I have a wall wart wifi extender ($59) plugged in next to my system with my Aurender streamer plugged in to it. It sounds as good as my $45K analog side. So, you need not play IT guy unless you want to.

You can see my systems under my UserID. I have owned many streamer. I now own two Aurender streams.