getting into streaming

So after many years of playing cd's, I'm considering getting into streaming music. I would prefer to use the DAC in my accuphase CD player; my question is I assume any streamer would require something additional to control it (smart phone, tablet etc) but I'm wondering if there is something out there that has its own controller to use to surf for songs, so I don't have to buy anything else to use it


here was my stream sequence:


I started with an Apple TV to a cheap peachtree dac.

Then dedicated Arcam Airplay dac streamer thing.

Then a Bluesound Node 2i.

Then Node to a Chord Qutest.

Then added a LPS to Chord.

Then brought in Pontus II.

Then moved Teddy Pardo LPS to a Bluesound 130.

NOW have Auralic Aries G1.1 and THAT, my friends, (for me and my listening architecture) is game, set, match.

The Aries has its own HD and I am ripping CDs to it. It’s perfect for me. 
I can’t use an Ethernet connection and Auralic has figured out wifi. I loved the BLUOS app and I think Auralic app sucks….sorry. 

Get Roon and you’ll never look back. Consider investing in a Small Green Computer which functions as a dedicated Roon server. Consider an Optical Rendu which will eliminate all noise from your most imports to “last stop”, converting copper Ethernet to fiberglass Ethernet where noise cannot travel. 

so I may have found what i'm looking for from cocktail audio.  Some of their units come with hdmi outputs, so you can bring it up on your tv, which should negate the need for a tablet/ipad.

So are there any other manufacturers that have hdmi output on their server/streamers? 

Wiim mini? Tried that but returned it. Bass is on the light side, as Stereophile also pointed out.  User interface is pretty damn good though for such as little device.