GIK Acoustics can't ship without damage

I have ordered around 10 Impression panels and a couple bass traps.

The Impression panels are the ones with the decorative wood front panels.

EVERY order has been damaged, assembled wrong or the wrong part sent. Even my replacement parts were damaged because they put (2) 1/8 thickness of wood in a 7" thick box, but taped it to the side of the box, so there was only 1 thickness of cardboard protecting it. Duh! Guess they never saw FedEx guys at work.

They work we'll and Mike has been very helpful, but I'll never buy from them again.

I can't be the only one who's has issues with them can I?


I've ordered from them twice... approx. 22 panels in total and all arrived in good condition.

Same experience here. Ordered 4 corner bass traps with wood diffusion panels a couple years ago. Every one of them arrived damaged. The packing was atrocious. They were packed two per box, face-to-face with nothing in between them. The screws holding on the panels rubbed against one another scratching the heck out of both panels in both boxes. On top of that, there was at least 3” of open space at the top of the box that should have been filled with something so the traps didn’t slide from end to end during transport further scraping up the panels and breaking off several corners. The ONLY positive thing I can say about my one and only experience with GIK is that they did send me new replacement wood panels.

@traudio I have 14 diffusion panels with wood fronts hanging on my walls that I bought a few years ago... all arrived safely.  I think one had a minor corner chip, but I'd have to look very hard to find it.

You get what you pay for.  I was a super unhappy customer.  That is all I am going to say.