GIK alternatives

Last month, an audiophile colleague inquired about GIK acoustics on this forum. I shared my experiences as a longtime customer. I pointed out episodic challenges with build quality but a highly responsive staff. I have changed my impression and would not recommend them. GIK has recently changed CEO and several longtime colleagues appear to have left. Their prices have increased, especially for shipping. I’ve been attempting to place an order by phone without success. And their product lead time is extraordinary. For example, I was informed that routine scatter plates would not be shipped out for 2 months. They’re having problems. Any recommendations for alternative companies?


I have GIK panels and I picked them up from their office in Atlanta. I would have recommended them until I heard the news above. I also use ASC and Michael Greene treatments

Terrible build quality. PM me for specifics. It was sad after such high expectations.  I can provide numerous photos from a recent delivery of several panels and traps. The good news is that they have excellent customer support. I accepted a discount in place of having to wait several more weeks or months for replacements. I consider the pieces like oil paintings. Nice to look at from a distance, but not from up close. In the end they get the job done and my room finally sounds terrific!

If you need treatment above 100 hz, try Acoustimac in Tampa.  The lower 2 or so octaves are more difficult to manage and the quality of Acoustic Sciences in Oregon is excellent. Ask for Jordan.