GIK Vicoustic and others

I started work on my basement room which will be used exclusively for 2 channel stereo 

It's quite small 14 x 11 but that's all I got to work with. 

What is the best way to position speakers? Along the long wall or the short wall? 

Would Sonus Faber Ellipsa overload this small room? 

I got two 20 amp receptacles and two 15 amp for other things 

I'm looking into proper acoustic treatments and was wondering which company is best for price and quality  

Also, are there specific recommendations for dry wall and insulation ? Do I Insulate the ceiling or just walls?  It's a small room, I am concerned about making it too dead. What about ceiling ? 



I know GIK is having issues with order fill and my last order took over 3 months but the quality was as always great.

Would double dry wall be sufficient or do I need insulation such as rock wool ? Has anyone tried both? 

I have both GIK and Vicoustics. Vicsoustics is >>>> GIK. They are expensive, but worth it. If not anything, get multifuser DC3 in between the speakers on front wall. That will be the biggest change. Rest you can manage based on budget and preference.

Not sure about the dry wall/ insulation: Waiting for other replies to learn from them. 

Use the long axis ( placement on room width ). 

Find out what the radiation pattern is for the Sonus Faber Ellipsa and you will have some idea where to start.

No Loudspeaker should overload ( be unusable ) for a reasonably sized room.

Work out how to treat for low end response and the rest will be less of an issue.

Once low frequency is addressed moving out of close field is possible.

I’d insulate because it’s the basement, but no need for double drywall. Another place to put insulation is in the ceiling, it will definitely cut down on the noise complainants from upstairs 😁

All the best.