Girlfriends and wifes, how do YOU cope?

I would be very interested in finding out how one manages to justify (or sneak in the home) expensive audio equipment without having to sell your soul to the Devil? It's quite a challenge for many of us I think. I heard of someone buying a Bel Canto DAC and telling his girlfriend that " Oh it's just a $ 100.00 power conditionner", or whatever. Seem like we need to get creative here if we can pursue this crazy hobby much longer! Regards All...
what ya do is! strut through the door with ya pricy gear wait for the moaning to commense from the female party.....stick your fingers in your ears and stamp ya feet and yell nah nah nah nah nah i cant hear u, nah nah nah nah nah....
30 years ago, my future (and now present) wife (bless her heart) insisted on separate bank accounts. So now its just a matter of aesthetics, not $$.
I tell my girlfriend I am going to buy something, but I keep saying that I am not sure which unit I will buy, and therefore tell her a price range which is usually quite broad. Then I buy something and when she asks how much it was, I tell her the price at the top of the range. After she moans about the price, I say, "Would you be happier if I bought the $X unit?" where X is the actual cost of the unit, more in the middle of the range. She says yes, and then I tell her OK, that is what it costs. She has no more steam to argue with, she knows the truth and everyone is happy. Then I wait six months and repeat with the next component.
Woe to the married audiophile. It's a constant battle. Great post by the way!

First of all, why is this such a male only activity? I don't get it. Is it the fascination with tweeking, with electronics?

Well, what works best for me is not to surprise my wife, but to just wear her down. She ends up saying, "just go buy it."

Now mind you I have one of the cheapest systems ever. I've spent a total of less than $2000 for a kick -ss sounding system. I have Dahlquist speakers hooked up to an old B&K.

I would have to agree with the "call it a Christmas/birthday/special event"purchase that shouldn't have to happen more than a couple of times a year...tops. -especially if it's a considerable change. I've been caught too many times by my [completely disinterested in my hobby] wife w/ either a new pre, power or whatever, and it's no longer worth the hassle. The secret is you have got to sell the old [or I could never justify another transaction w/ my "perfectly good one"] and you've got to start talking about it in plenty of time before.... about how much you need the new piece. That argument/reasoning is usually the hardest part of the equation...why do I NEED it?"It's one of the most fun parts of the hobby", or something along those lines... its always been a tough time. Also, if a great deal does come up between holidays/birthdays its even tougher.I wish she had some interest, but she just doesn't.