Girlfriends and wifes, how do YOU cope?

I would be very interested in finding out how one manages to justify (or sneak in the home) expensive audio equipment without having to sell your soul to the Devil? It's quite a challenge for many of us I think. I heard of someone buying a Bel Canto DAC and telling his girlfriend that " Oh it's just a $ 100.00 power conditionner", or whatever. Seem like we need to get creative here if we can pursue this crazy hobby much longer! Regards All...
Just found this thread. Good question. Someone once said that this is the reason furniture in the rest of the house is for. Talk about expensive! I would hate to match dollar for dollar on chairs vs electronics. Double the cost of everything? But, my advice is to carefully explain the following:
1. It keeps me out of bars.
2. We can have friends over to listen to music after dinner.
3. Electronics can be sold for real money.
Ever try to sell a chair or a lamp??
4. I usually keep my equipment for a long time. Its not
like redecorating.
5. Don't you want me to be happy?
6. Have a slush fund for each of you that is "mad money".

Anyway, sometimes you just go buy it because it makes you happy! Good luck!
this is the funniest thread ive read so far!!! i was married when i was 20,and whenever i tryed to play the stereo ,shed say the music i listened to made her nervous,after a year of not listening to music i got rid of her!and bought a stereo and there any single female audiophiles out there?
Luckily I've never had to worry about WAF for audio, flying, pets, guns, bows, musical instruments, bicycles, or any other hobbies or toys, etc.
It always amazes me when guys that are married or have a girlfriend complain about same. Try the alternative. Try being lonely and unable to get even a date to save your life. Count your blessings.......
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