Give 'Ambrosia' another listen

Ambrosia.  It's been years since I put them on, and I'm blown away. There are a couple of their albums that rival Sgt Pepper in creativity. Very under rated band IMO.  The albums, 'Somewhere I've never traveled' and their self titled one are my favs.


Imagine Yes, Chicago, the Beatles, and Klaatu mixed together, with a great vocalist.


That first album is a killer

Early prog rock sells out to radio love songs.

They started so strong

Thanks for the suggestion, but the CD on Amazon starts at $60,00 which appears to be a bargain next to the LP which is priced at $289.00!

Thanks @stuartk , but isn't $28 for a used CD still pretty pricey? I wonder why some label doesn't re-release these titles if they're commanding such prices.