Give the new Kid Rock a shot.

I initially picked up the Kid Rock "Rock and Roll Jesus" and scanned it quickly. Not bad but it was not on my must play list. I gave it a run the other day and I'm here listening to it yet again. What a change in the "Kid". He is sounding Skynard / rock / mountain music / fun. Two of the favorites are #10 "Blue jeans and a rosary" and #11 "Half your age" (the more you hear this one the more you like it). I like all sorts of music from classical to country and this disk is up with my favorites. LMK if anyone has any imput on his "new" sound.
Put me in the "closed mind " camp. I cant get past this dirt bags looks to even consider him. There is just so much new music I have time ( or $ ) to try, that I have no problem taking a pass on him. Also, anyone that age that goes by the name " kid " ....
so your telling me that because some of the greatest musicians were not the best dressers and had bad stage names, and there are a lot of them, you will not listen to them. that means i guess you dont really listen to much music. DO YOU!
There's too much good music out there to find......why waste my time on "performers" like kid rock?
Different music?! Are you kidding me? And what's up with the "if it's well recorded and sounds good on my system" viewpoint. I'm sure Michael Bolton is "well recorded"...that doesn't mean I want to listen to it. The only people who like this stuff and thinks that it's different probably have the lamest music selections in their collection. The argument here would be akin to me insisting that a hardcore metalhead would just LOVE the new Celine Dion. Hey...didn't she do an AC/CD song?
Thanks for the heads up, Harris. I have been curious about this album. I saw Kid Rock sing a duet with Willie Nelson on TV once and have been hoping he would come out with some kind of country sound.

Don't worry about the negative people here. I've been to a few audio club meetings and well, let's just say most of these guys aren't really very socially adjusted. Besides, how interesting is it to talk to people that only listen to music from female singers doing the same old standards, or dead composers from centuries ago?

I much rather hear from somebody that is stretching their mind and always trying out something new. Most of these guys have lives that mirror their music taste, boring.