Given an Onkyo Integra M 504 today. Worth keeping?

My neighbors just went through a nasty divorce and the wife asked if wanted this "this ugly heavy stereo thing that I don't want and can't pick up."  I said sure and brought it home. I have never heard anything from this line, but it is gorgeous and looks like it's been very well cared for. 

Is anyone familiar with this amp? Just curious if it's worth keeping and how it compares to modern amps. I am actually in the middle of revamping my 2 channel system and do not have a preamp at he moment to enjoy those giant meters! 

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i had one back in the day and it was a helluva piece--massive power and  great at low volume; also cool meters and wood sides. warm and not as transparent as modern amps--perhaps a little rolled off in the highs, but it sounded good with vinyl. looks like real world prices for these is $500-800, but i'd keep it.