Go ahead, hang blankets on the side walls. You’ll be amazed.

Had Pass Labs Aleph equipment until 6 years ago when I replaced it with Devialet 400 monoblocks. Used them in a 12 x 23 x 8 shared space. Recently moved to a new house with space for a dedicated listening room and decided to return to my analog roots in an end-game way. Went preowned on the electronics and still spent a lot but the music is remarkable. A lot of credit has to go to the luxury of a dedicated room and the opportunity for abundant acoustic treatment. Did not plan it this way, but my budget turned out to be about 1/3 preamp, 1/3 amplifiers, and 1/3 room treatment. I believe the room treatment made the biggest difference. For those starting such a journey, simply taking care of the first reflections off the side walls and perhaps the floor will make an audible and likely convincing difference.

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hahahahahaha,I've always had a limited budget for a/v systems so discovered years ago the HUGE difference heavy weight moving blankets made hung across the back wall & side walls about 1/2 way to the listening position(live end ,dead end)..

The room treatments are fundamental to a good sounding room. It’s no secret, sound waves bounce off any surface, to reduce reflectivity hang something on your wall. Just about anything will be an improvement over your bare walls.

Check out GIK Acustics, you can treat the room much cheaper than some of those Persian rugs.

Persian rugs and Oriental rugs are not the same. There is a general difference in density and quality and theoretically will have a differing impact on your room acoustics. 🤓