So, I have never been to a football game there, But that stadium has Guinness World Record of being the loudest...

"Guinness measured an ear-shattering 142.2 dbA roar at Arrowhead Stadium in the Chiefs’ 41-14 rout of the Patriots. The record-breaking sound came with eight seconds left in the first quarter after the Chiefs stuffed New England’s Shane Vereen for no gain on second down.

For context, 140 dbA is the estimated sound on the deck of a busy aircraft carrier."

Kinda wondering how the hearing has diminished for those football players and Ref's and how many are having hearing problems from it ...



I attended a NASCAR race for the first time and my wife and I thought it would be cool to sit on the first row. Thank God for earmuffs or we'd both be deaf! When you have 35 or so running together with over 800 hp each it is shocking. That and getting bombarded by rubber pellets made for a memorable experience.

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