God I Miss My Quad ESL57s

It's been 2 years since we downsized to a smaller place. I had to get Harbeth C7s which are perfectly nice but they just don't move me they way the Quads did. I'm not sure anything stand-mounted can.

It's a real bummer.
get another pair....I did that 4 times in my audio life....same footprint(almost) as the C7 anyway...easier to hide as "space heaters"....
If you want a speaker that are close to Quads,you should get the Harbeth P3ESR or the Spendor 3/5. I had the C7 and thought the smaller P3 was so much better. The box disappears on the smaller speakers.
I've tried both the P3ESR and Fritz and in my space, which sadly won't work with Quads no matter what I do because it's sort of one open room with a room divider. For me, those smaller speakers weren't even close to the C7s nearfield. The second best stand mount I tried were the Audience Clareaudient 2+2. I preferred the tonal reproduction of the C7s over the dynamism and sound staging of the Audience.